cheap trick - live at budokan / by Zack Free


the live recording has long lost its viability as a commercially successful medium. at its peak, however, it was almost unrivaled in terms of promotional value (take frampton comes alive! for example). power pop gods cheap trick took notes and struck gold with 1978’s cheap trick at budokan. not only has the record been subject to heavy critical praise since its release, but it stands as their highest selling album, having been certified as triple platinum in 1986. it’s not without merit; budokan is an incredible piece of work, featuring the definitive versions of “i want you to want me” and “ain’t it a shame”. pared down to a mere 42 minutes, the album is presented as more of a greatest hits collection than a representation of a full cheap trick show, and, consequently, it packs one hell of a punch. the leftovers were issued as budokan ii in 1994, but the release came off as a mere attempt to capitalize off of the legacy of this classic, which remains an essential in the category of live lps.