angelo badalamenti - soundtrack from twin peaks / by Zack Free

music has always played an essential role in the works of iconoclastic director david lynch. for 1977’s eraserhead, lynch and sound designer alan r. splet developed a hissing soundscape that gave the surrealist masterpiece its wallop. however, lynch's collaboration with composer angelo badalamenti on iconic abc series twin peaks marked a significant shift in the way the director approached soundtracking. the show’s score, which stands as badalamenti’s masterwork, often bleeds into its plot, reflecting the skewed boundaries between the real and the supernatural that give twin peaks its characteristic uneasiness. in addition, the score expertly mirrors the show’s delicate intersection of schmaltz and utter beauty, bouncing constantly between queasy nightclub jazz (“audrey’s dance,” “freshley squeezed”) and swelling orchestral suites (“laura palmer’s theme,” “love theme from twin peaks”). the high points of the soundtrack, however, are simply gorgeous; “falling” and “into the night,” which feature the pristine vocals of julee cruise, are brilliant bits of dream pop that could stand up next to some of cocteau twins’ most meditative works. soundtrack from twin peaks is a marvel, a masterpiece that has truly set the standard for every television score since.