lady gaga - "the edge of glory" / by Zack Free


born this way, lady gaga's second studio album, worked tirelessly to establish the singer as an anthem artist. to this end, the singer beefed up her sound considerably, incorporating both thick layers of synth and live instruments such as guitar and saxophone (the latter of which was supplied by the e street band's clarence clemons). she achieved varying degrees of success in her quest to reach the sonic sublime. some of the triumphs include country ballad "yoü and i," bizarre opener "marry the night," and, to some effect, "born this way," which is nothing if not anthemic. however, the most successful moment on born this way is "the edge of glory," an anthem of towering proportions. bruce springsteen should be proud; at its peak, "glory" reaches the same heights as "born to run" or "born in the u.s.a.," due in part to clemons' magnificent sax solo. gaga's performance is also superb, reaching a gritty fever pitch by the time the chorus hits. it's a moment of true elevation, and it remains one of her greatest achievements


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