the jesus & mary chain - "just like honey" / by Zack Free

i can't think of a song that embodies the essence of honey more accurately than "just like honey." it's thick, it's slow, it's sticky, and boy, is it sweet. the opener to their opus, 1985's psychocandy, "honey" goes straight for the pleasure center. it's no coincidence that it nabs its intro from the ronettes' "be my baby," an oft-cited contender for greatest song of all time; it captures all of the ecstasy of phil spector's "wall of sound" recordings, the essence of which is a syrupy nostalgia that somehow transcends time. however, instead of utilizing excessive layering to achieve its all-encompassing sound, the track ups the fuzz factor on its minimal arrangement by about 200%, to similar effect. the result would prove hugely influential, acting as a general blueprint for the shoegaze and dream pop genres that would start to develop over the next few years. the rest of psychocandy is similarly engaging, but it's the sugar rush of "just like honey" that keeps it running


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