britney spears - "radar" / by Zack Free

this song was featured on both blackout, britney’s 2007 comeback album, and its sibling album, 2008’s circus (where it was featured as a bonus track and a single). it’s the most progressive song on neither album, but it’s certainly a standout on both. production on “radar” was handled by bloodshy & avant, the team behind spears’ legendary “toxic,” and the clutch, a songwriting collective known mostly for their assistance in pushing the boundaries of r&b music (omarion’s “ice box” and ciara’s “like a boy” are some good examples). while the instrumental, largely structured around synth blips that recall soft cell’s “tainted love,” is impressive, the most exciting part of “radar” is its use of cadence - during the verses, britney plays coy with the drum beat, always a step behind, but in total control


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