gal costa & caetano veloso - "baby" / by Zack Free


this is honestly one of the most beautiful songs that i’ve heard in my life. tropicália queen gal costa made strides in expanding upon bossa nova with her brilliant self-titled 1969 album, playing with psychedelic elements such as distortion, reverb, and standard song structure. “baby” is one of the most traditional sounding songs on gal costa; the foundation of caetano veloso’s gorgeous arrangement is the skeletal bass/guitar/percussion layout of a bossa nova song. it’s taken to another stratosphere, however, by the undulating silk of the string section and costa’s unnaturally pitch-perfect performance. it’s also one of tropicália’s most enduring legacies, and it’s not hard to understand why; it transcends genre, a masterpiece that speaks directly to the heart


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