dvsn - "think about me" / by Zack Free

last year's sept. 5th, the debut release for ovo signees dvsn, was one of the most confident r&b projects to surface in years. comprised of frequent drake collaborator nineteen85 and vocalist daniel daley, dvsn came out of the box fully formed; think along the lines of the weeknd's house of balloonssept. 5th is a naked listening experience, in any sense. it wears its codeine-drenched heart on its sleeve, pairing daley's gut-wrenching falsetto with nineteen85's after-dark production. "think about me," the duo's first release of 2017, follows the same general formula, but ups the hit factor tenfold. for all of their debut's earworms, daley's never quite hit the melodic sweet spot like he does here. nineteen85's production is also characteristically mesmerizing, the sound of cinderblocks hitting a featherbed, and its never been more in vogue than it is now.  "think about me" is bleary-eyed r&b for insomniacs, and its bound to get dvsn the recognition that they deserve B


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